mentolluromantizm said: I am gonna be in Nyc on 4 of september. Would love to have a drink with you!

Sorry I’m not there anymore :)

Anonymous said: Hi there, this isn't so much a question, more a huge WELL DONE! I have followed your blog since you left and the things that you have done and the things that you have seen have really inspired me. You're beautiful, inspiring and so so brave! You should be extremely proud of yourself, I hope that your travels don't stop now, continue to enjoy yourself and make the most of everything - thank you for a very enjoyable 11 month read xxx

Awww this is the sweetest thing I have ever had! Thank you so much, it means a lot that people have actually read this from start to finish because I had no idea whether anyone but my mum or dad even read it! Haha I’m glad you enjoyed it and so happy to have inspired you. My travels aren’t over yet and if I go again I will be returning to this blog to write about it! Again thank you you have made my day xxxxx

Any questions anonymous or public are welcome, I will stop using this blog by the end of the week and heading back to my personal one so get them in fast if you have any. For anyone who has followed this blog I hope you have enjoyed it and I have inspired you in some ways to spread your wings and see the world. Thank you for reading and love you all. X


I have been dreading writing this post for the whole year, not only does it mark the end of the greatest adventure I have ever embarked on, but also it is so exceedingly difficult to summarise a life changing experience.
One concept I find strange is that of time, where the heck has it gone, a year of my life and one of the best has absolutely flown by. China seems nothing more than a blink of strange foods, friendly Dutch, couchsurfing and touristing.
Thailand is a flash of sandy beaches, buckets of sugary cocktails, hilarious friends who I could have the best parties with and the best food I have, and probably will ever have, in my life.
Australia was a significant part of my travels as well as my life. I spent nine months in this beautiful country exploring every coast, every crevice and every part I possibly could. I built roots here, had my first major dose of home with some of my favourite people visiting and just being there. Not only that being somewhere for a bit longer allows to to build a greater and deeper connection with the people you meet.
Again that concept of time. You get that with people which is something you don’t often get during travelling. In Sydney the goodbyes were less frequent, the old friends visiting was more frequent and life was an absolute pleasure to live. Money, alcohol, a home, beautiful people with the greatest souls and characters. Not to mention that beautiful city wherein left my heart.
Hands down Australia was the hardest place I had to leave. Sitting on the plane with the feeling that someone had punched me in the stomach! Flying over and away the harbour bridge having to physically hold back tears, if that is not love of a place I certainly don’t know what is!
New Zealand came next, time for adventure and definitely a change in the weather. Again some incredible people with the kindest hearts, people who really care about you despite knowing you for a week. Who cares that doesn’t matter. Travelling allows to to meet the real person inside the body. Everyone has nothing to hide and everything to share and I’m happy to have shared the amazing times and unbelievable scenery and beauty of New Zealand with the kiwi experience.
Leaving New Zealand for a hot tropical climate certainly wasn’t a hard decision and Fiji was a well needed break. I’m sure everyone thinks that travel is just kicking back, slacking off and having a good time… Well of course it is exactly that, however it is also exhausting.
Fun in the sun with the beautiful culture of the islands and again of course wonderful new friends, fresh food, sunshine and spectacular scenery. I love Fiji, it is impossible not too.
America was up next, heading back to places you have been before is weird however I’m so glad I returned to La. A place that I first hated! This time round was different, the weather and experience was perfect leading me nicely into catching up with a very special group of people.
I can’t begin to explain how much my Huntington friends mean to me. All I know is the last time we all said goodbye we were all on tears, boys included, unaware of when we will see each other again. Of course this is a feeling you feel frequently whilst travelling. However seeing these guys again made me realise it is never too hard to see the people you meet and love again!
Following on from this I finally met up with my father after 10 months of being away from my best friend. I also got to spend some time with family, I was looked after, saw some spectacular things and did the most amazing experiences. Felt very fortunate to travel with my father from San Francisco to Vegas to sacramento.
That leads me to New York. A magical and beautiful city that you cannot help but fall in love with. This post is short, not detailed and perhaps a bit of an anti climax but you have to understand how impossible it is to explain to someone who hasn’t done it. On that note DO IT!
The million dollar question: have I changed!? In my opinion a ridiculous question, of course I have changed. The things that I have seen, done, smelt, tasted. Some people don’t experience what I have in a year in their whole life and trust me I feel very fortunate. The foundations of myself and my personality are the same I will never fully change. My name is Kara I am stubborn, argumentative, I think I know it all, however I have seen the beauty of the world and the beauty of people and places and that will always be a part of me that changed, a part that has grown and developed and a part that will always keep me hungry for more. Once you start you never really stop watch this space…

#whitagram#me#selfie#blonde#brunette#friend#rooftop#bar#newyork#city#skyline#landscape#manhattan#travel#gapyear#tumblr  (at New York City)

#whitagram#me#selfie#blonde#brunette#friend#rooftop#bar#newyork#city#skyline#landscape#manhattan#travel#gapyear#tumblr (at New York City)

#whitagram#me#selfie#rooftop#newyork#skyline#city#landscape#beautiful#centralpark#brunette#beer#bar#travel#gapyear#tumblr#newyork#manhattan#america  (at New York City)

#whitagram#me#selfie#rooftop#newyork#skyline#city#landscape#beautiful#centralpark#brunette#beer#bar#travel#gapyear#tumblr#newyork#manhattan#america (at New York City)

New York 21st August 2014 Thursday:

Well this is it, my final day away, how crazy is that! I have all day until my flight and Becky is the same so we are hanging out today.
We woke up and checked out before heading down to the Soho area to find a cool rooftop pub garden. Here we chatted in the sunshine, had some brunch and cocktails and enjoyed the only quiet that you can find in New York. Several stories up!
Following this we jumped on the subway back uptown to the MET where we skipped all of the exhibits. Terrible I know! We then headed straight up to the rooftop bar there haha. It was beautiful up there with panoramic views of the park and the city skyline.
We had a beer, chatted some more and enjoyed the view before we walked back across the park one final time to our hostel.
Here we grabbed our bags and managed luckily to grab an airport shuttle which got us to our terminals in time. I said goodbye to Becky. I’m so glad she was one in my two bed dorm, we get on so well and she is honestly such a sweetheart!
I headed into the airport, had my last mc Donald’s for five years (I’m giving it up in hope that I will hate it when I try it again) and boarded my final plane!
I can’t describe how I felt. I didn’t feel anything really I guess it won’t really hit me until I get home, see my family and friends and don’t travel for a while! Watch this space I guess!

#brooklynbridge#brooklyn#bridge#fashion#dress#ootd#me#selfie#brunette#girl#newyork#travel#gapyear#tumblr#landscape#pretty#architecture#america  (at Brooklyn)

#brooklynbridge#brooklyn#bridge#fashion#dress#ootd#me#selfie#brunette#girl#newyork#travel#gapyear#tumblr#landscape#pretty#architecture#america (at Brooklyn)